About Us

ACME LIQUIDATORS is the creation of Craig and Melissa Garland.  Our company was formed in June of 2007 as the result of contracts with Big Box retailers.

Craig and Melissa traveled nationally to liquidate the assets and fixtures of some of America’s biggest companies. It was as a result of these challenges that ACME LIQUIDATORS became aware of the need for quality, well priced second hand fixtures and props for small businesses.  Additionally ACME LIQUIDATORS became rather good at the logistical path of bringing those fixtures to American small business.

After much travel and many successfully fulfilled liquidations, Craig and Melissa decided to open ACME LIQUIDATORS, LLC.  the retail store.   Shortly after opening ACME LIQUIDATORS in its first location, we began liquidating restaurants.  That led to the awareness of demand for quality, well priced, second hand restaurant equipment.

We currently operate from a nearly 10,000 sq ft facility in Reno, Nevada.  ACME LIQUIDATORS is proud of its revolutionary approach to the world of Buy, Sell, Trade and NOW Consignment of store fixtures and restaurant equipment.